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Stress Less Mist

  • Stress Less Mist

Confidence - Letting Go - Focus - Mental Order - Clarity - Peace - Calm - Patience - Grounding - Soothing - Surrender

This Stress Less Mist is AMAZING, POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

These are made to order, which means they are programmed to YOUR ENERGY

A blend of Liquid Crystals, Hawaiian Essences, and Essential Oil.

Smoky Quartz - With Smoky Quartz at your side, you have a constant reminder of your divinity and the blinding light that you represent in the Universe. Confidence is at the heart of this crystal's work - it encourages you to let go of out past and continue your journey forward, focused, with a zest for life and the changes it offers without getting pulled off course by the small details.

Fluorite - The mineral of mental organisation, it takes mental stress and overwhelm and creates order, which then flows on into all areas of life. Over time, Fluorite can cultivate foster commitment to your ideas and your ability to bring them to fruition.

Howlite - Offers a place of peace, calm, and loving gentle energy. Howlite allows you to reflect on the past and detach and move forward. Dissolves frustration and impatience of self and others.

Banyan Tree - Grounds you during times of expansion, transition, and change. Soothing when your life is “up in the air” or when feeling tired, wired, or overwhelmed.

Wind - Surrenders what is outdated in your attitudes, outlook, habits, and approach to life. Purifies your mind so you can perceive life in the present with clarity of vision and purpose.

Owyhee - Powerful in reducing stress, anxiety, tension, neuralgia, and generalized negative emotions.