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To The Light Mist

  • To The Light Mist

Letting Go - Clearing - Harmonising - Grounding - Self Worth - Overcome Fear - Alignment - Clarity - Release Tension

To The Light is the 'Heavy Duty' crystal mist, specifically created for healers and energy workers. It's GENTLE and yet POWERFUL it will enable the release of long held onto thoughts and emotions from all levels, times and dimensions - it will also move on uninvited guests and hangers on (yes I'm talking about earth bounds (or ghosts)) like magic.

These are made to order, which means they are programmed to YOUR ENERGY.

A blend of Liquid Crystals, Hawaiian Essences, and Essential Oil.

Petrified Wood - Deeply strengthening, grounding and stabilising, Petrified wood removes stress, worry, and anxiety about things that are out of our control, and in the process allow discernment of what is important. Petrified Wood breaks down the confines of Earth time and space, gives us the ability to find the lessons linked to events and illnesses so that they need not be repeated.

Green Calcite - Excellent at facilitating the management of multiple realities or levels of being into oneness and anchors this into the heart, bringing one into the Now. Green Calcite allows movement though new territory fearlessly and with calm. The crystal of letting go, Green Calcite melts away any attachments to old ways and situations.

Peach Calcite - Dissolves old emotional patterns in a direct and permanent way. Peach Calcite allows one to feel secure and embraced on all levels. It removes fear and grief and can be worked with to increase clarity of communication with the angelic realm.

Sacred Quest - Takes you on an inner journey to discover your deepest values and purpose. Good for navigating life passages where you need to redefine or clarify who you are and where you are going. Helpful for times of transition, when the old has dissolved and the new has not yet been born.

Night Blooming Cereus - Helps you overcome the fear of inner and outer darkness to contact the stunning beauty of your essence in its galactic, earthy and shadowy entirety. Shatters the trance of unworthiness and imperfection to allow you to live in kindness and self-appreciation.

Lime - Clears away agitation and heated emotions, bringing harmony, alignment, clarity, and calm. Lime allows one to breathe deeply and soften into the exhale, peacefully releasing tension and allowing you to feel safe and tranquil in your surroundings.